Life Members:

  • Maureen Archibald          Graham Norton          Brian Heard                David Watts

  • Wayne Dickson                Arvind Jasmat           Jeffrey Archibald       Barbara Smith

  • Kevin Towns                    Jocelyn Murphy          David Watt                 Irene Ryan

  • Simon Joyce                    Kerry Heard                 Mark Pooley              Simon Norton

  • Joanna Hazard                Jenny Pooley               Helen Clarke

Somerville H.C. celebrates the work of its Life Members and acknowledges their achievement each year with "Life Members Day". Our Junior Teams are named after these club dignitaries who are often seen supporting the children especially on "LMD".      



Life Member - Barbara Smith

Life Member - Kerry Heard

Life Member and Club Patron Graham Norton with grandson and Premier Player Sam Norton.

Life Member Kevin Towns with "Team Towns".

Life Member Graham Norton with Player of the Day Tara Caffrey.

Life Member Jocely Murphy ... under pressure.

Life Member - Mark Pooley with son Jacob